Other items such as the keyboard, wireless cards, and backup battery can be reached by removing a handful of labeled screws on the bottom, and easily popped out. Yeah, not a very good laptop…. I use two of these. So I hit a dead end. I wonder why any el-cheapo external USB Card reader delivers decent performance, but the built-in reader of my expensive Thinkpad doesn’t? Visit our network of sites: The SD flash memory card, installed with Ubuntu

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SD Card slot – ThinkWiki

For better speaker oenovo, the optional X6 base provides much better sound quality. It’s looking like there’s a problem with SDHC by the data we’ve seen so far.

After being powered on for minutes, the right side gets pretty warm. Besides the screen, the only qualms I had with this laptop related back to Vista. It really seems like a handbag sized ThinkPad down to the smallest detail. The SD flash memory card, installed with Ubuntu When I capture pictures from the SanDisk card it is at least twice as fast through the camera than through the Thinkpad port.

Given that the hinges are so much smaller on this model, it could be that they have a much smaller friction surface. Anybody try putting high capacity cards in it, like 2GB or 4GB? Thickness of X61 compared to Blackberry Pearl view large image. The 2GB SanDisk model: Does my Ssd thinkpad have M2 hdd slot?

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I want to boot from the built-in SD reader port directly. DavidE, can you please run test with a second known speed SD card, for example: I’ve tried with WinXP pretty much factory restore updated to current Lenovo drivers and Windows patches. This may be a result of the fine sensitivity I had it set to, but it was hard to duplicate the problem enough to pinpoint the cause.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Review

I edited your topic title to hopefully attract a few more people with SD cards to this thread! All work fine in my X60s.

Fan noise was minimal though, so when its one you may not notice it. In the camera the speed was ca. Left side view of X61 on top lenovp X61s view large image. But, yes, that standard Sandisk card did perform better than that, so that’s not right, either.

Originally Posted by chenxinghao. Alright, first things first.

By “in the camera,” do you mean you attached the camera to the USB port on your machine? SunnyBoy88 September 19, at 3: I think I had the X31 on the brain at the time. April 12th, 6.


The time now is As the following results show, it provided some very respectable benchmarks. This gives you a comfortable typing surface, that once you get used to the odd size outer keys, becomes a pleasure to type on.

The touchpad or lack thereof will probably come as a shock to most users seeing only the red cap of the ThinkPad Touchpoint.

Visit our network of sites: X31 has USB 2. The power adapter is 65w model, measuring 4.

Playing music outside of the dock sounds like headphones with the volume cranked, then when docked it sounded like a boom box. I found myself returning from a coffee break to the computer shutting itself down, only to have to spend another minute powering it back up.