Cous i only get to push it up to Mhz max: Chassis based on the Clevo PSM. And run benchmarks in games like Crysis or Left 4 Dead, mostly in graphically intense areas to see what my max temperature is during at least 30minute interval. And one last thing Similar beveled keyboard as the Racer 2. Occasionally it goes straight into a reboot.

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The Eurocom X3 is similar in size to the Racer 2. Sometimes things are fine with no freezing, sometimes the PC will lock up 3 times in 15 minutes. There is a plethora of info for the mb version but none it seems for the so called “crippled” mb version of this card. Core temperatures also rose very quickly to over 85 degrees C within the first 10 seconds accompanied by an increasingly louder system fan.

One minor complaint is the nvda rectangular speaker grilles that look rather lackluster in design. Also noteworthy is the auditory click, which is different in tone between the left and right keys.

Anyone has tried Crysis on this card? Win7 RTM x86 1.

Review Eurocom X3 (Clevo P157SM) Notebook

Outdoor use is, of course, not recommended with a DTR. I tried using the While this may be partly attributed to the somewhat loud system fans, this also ensures comfortable hands during everyday use. GTX M drops to Like I said open Crysis in window and check your fps there while watching your temperature.


So for just the graphics card I will have to choose the Custom Tune option right? I guess I will also have 196.004 adjust the fan after too, hey? Compared to other gaming notebooks, the original Racer 2.

Not locking up – system rebooting out of the game. Let me know about what you get to do.

I only can change the gpu if push the button “find optimal clocks” first. If I unzip the Nvica package and run the install on a “driver clean” machine, it says my graphics card is not supported. The click keys are similar, but nvidx a shallower travel than what one may expect from a thick notebook. This is very similar to the display of the Eurocom Racer 2. There’s a striking level of appreciation you gain for everyday consumer electronics nida working with modern nuclear reactivity systems astonishingly powered by computers from the 80s.

Does the HP recovery partition stay intact and can it be used to restore factory settings if i want to revert back to vista even thouhg i have win 7 runing? Hope this post helped a bit and im looking forward to discuss any improvements or other achievements. Im still puzzled by the hdd score though lol: Posted July 22, But that 20min option is probably a good start to get some feel where to start.


This is perhaps unsurprising considering that Eurocom products are usually installed with clean operating systems ; a separate disc with drivers is provided for manual installation of auxiliary features and functions. I have downloaded Rivatuner and opened it up to check it out, but it looks a bit complicated for me, so I found a guide online to set your fan and overclock the card, and also shows how to monitor the temperature of the card. Once you achieve desired FPS let the game run for at least 30 minutes to make sure it is stable temperature wise.

Posted January 9, Desktop performance for Windows Aero. No EAX tm 2. I will give you my score as soon as I get it working: Just checked memory prices, they are really cheap, gonna get some 4 gigs: After graduating with a B.