Daiki Kaito – Treasure Sniper. Kamen Rider Amazons Kamen Rider G featured several actors from previous Kamen Rider programs in cameos. Daiki is a man who has no true goal other than to collect as many treasures as possible. He worked as an officer serving the evil Fourteen, and hunted down Riders and turned them into the authorities for reeducation. Kamen Rider Decade Title Screen. To their horror, the Sentai and Riders are eradicated and Akaranger and Ichigo are revealed to be Marvelous and Tsukasa.

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As Daiki’s doppelgangers attack, an AyakashiChinomanako reveals himself and states that he was told to stick to Daiki. Kaito’s attitude ends up infuriating Joe a number of times and attempts to murder him, especially after Marvelous tells Joe again that killing the Riders is the only way to save the others.

The first album, released on May 20,features “Kamen Rider Diebd

DiEnd then stole the Prison Bottle, seeing it as a treasure of great value for how strong it made Hoopa, but gave it to Yukari the next day, feeling he “owed” her. As the Phylloxera Worm says in his last breath that the war is not over, Goro reunites with Eri before proclaiming he will protect the world from Shade’s evil influence.

Daiki Kaito

Djend tends not to help people unless it serves his own interests, and will not hesitate to hurt anyone who gets in the way of said interests, even if they are weak or innocent. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Generally, episodes of Decade are titled similarly to the episodes of the series that they reference.


Kazutoshi Yokoyama and Eitokutwo suit actors commonly used by the Kamen Rider production team portrayed security guards in the TV Asahi building. Ganbaridewith Kamen Riders Decade and Diend using cards resembling those used in the game to transform and access various weapons.

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DiEnd escaped without the Elixir. In the end, Tsukasa finds Kaito and attempts to help him up, but Kaito brushes him off, still sore.

However, this isn’t the case – the heroes are spirited away into another dimension where the Gokaigers and OOO are waiting. For Decade ‘ s S.

Finding out Tsukasa and Marvelous’ plan, however, infuriates Kaito and, in anger, takes the plates of Dai-Shocker and Dai-Zangyack and fuses them together, creating Big Machine and claiming it as his own.

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The series ties in with the arcade game Kamen Rider Battle: Kamen Rider Kuuga ‘ s episodes were titled with only two kanji and episodes of Kamen Rider Kiva have a musical reference and musical notation in the title. Sign In Don’t have an account? Manpuku Aburame – Azemidoro. diehd

Goro transforms into Kamen Rider G to take on the Worms, defeating them all save for Phylloxera who is much too strong for him. The first episode was published in Hobby JapanJune Decade and DiEnd then teamed up and used Kaito as bait to lure Fourteen out, and then ambushed him, with Decade managing to land a fatal blow on Fourteen, ending his reign of terror and freeing everyone from being brainwashed.

The original characters for Kamen Rider G are all wine -themed. Masked Rider — Kamen Rider: When another confrontation has Marvelous tell them to go find Akaranger, Kaito reveals he has a way to recruit him when the Akaranger of the present day is seemingly dead: Created by Shotaro Ishinomori.


The two, aided by alternate versions of themselvesfought Hoopa, but even with both Decades in Complete Form, they were overpowered.

Kamen Rider Amazons Later, DiEnd teamed up with Decade yet again to face down Hoopawho had entered his unbound form. Decade often got in the way of DiEnd’s heists, quickly becoming a thorn in Daiki’s side. As his past shows, DiEnd hates those who take freedom from others, as Fourteen did with his world, and he will not hesitate to kill anyone who robs people of their freedom. Genta chases him down until they both are forced to fight and reveal their transformed identities.

The film takes place between episodes 15 and 16 of Rder and primarily features the cast characters from Kamen Rider Den-O in their new media franchise, the Cho-Den-O Series.

Allies Decade Sometimeshis treasures, his alternate self. As Narutaki explains to Natsumi, the dream is a predestined event in which Decade will destroy all the worlds.

In the process, he crossed paths with Hikari Studio, kamem group of world travelers seeking to save the multiverse from collapsing upon itself and stopping Dai-Shocker, lead by a Kamen Rider known as Decade.

Treasure de End PiratesDiend is the primary character, emphasizing the yellow accents on his Diendriver and the enhanced Kamen Ride Diend card.