This USB camera will allow you to capture full-motion video, capture still videos, and video conference the EZ way. It comes with little to no instructions and when you click Help on one of Ezonics’ programs, a little pop up screen comes up telling you that it’s Version 1. If you put the switch in the PC Cam position, it reports itself as a webcam. I got this for [a little money]. Show only see all.

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Ezonics EZ Cam III Web Cam Driver

As always fast and free shipping. Wait for the installation wizard to begin automatically and follow the on-screen prompts. Comes from a smoke free home. If this is as much digital camera as you can afford – or if this is as much digital camera as your kids can be trusted with – then it’s a good choice.

There’s a “shutter button” on the top, again, and the lens has a rubberised focus ring with a nice smooth action. My Win98 test machine behaved itself perfectly with all four cameras’ drivers installed at once, and I could plug and unplug cameras as I pleased – though I didn’t push my luck by trying to use more than one camera at a time.

I’m a webmaster, so it’s not like I’m a computer-tard or anything. October 15th, Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse is finely crafted, offers precise, smooth operation This hideously misshapen thing even more hideously misshapen than my real head was the result of a quick and dirty attempt, but it would appear that others have had similar problems.


I cannot find a driver for it, can someone please help me? Every camera comes with basic driver software, of course; you set them up by installing the driver, then plugging in the camera. Nifty curvy styling, with the lens sticking out of a fake ball-turret.

Ezonics USB cameras compared

The EZPro Cam may overexpose a bit, but its white balance is unusually good. Here’s the Phone Cam’s by low light result Then, ezonid Dual Cam ezinic delivers video data straight to the computer like any other webcam.

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Getting what you paid for Although the EZCam II comes with only a one-page quick-start guide and no user manual, the camera was extremely easy to connect and set up on our Windows 98 SE test bed.

It appears your thieves were quite discriminating If the program does not eznoic for a USB connection, wait for the driver installation to complete to connect the Webcam to the USB port. See all 11 reviews. The software setup process for all of the cameras is OK, with only a few of the usual cheap-Taiwanese-hardware problems.

Ezonics EZ Cam III Web Cam Driver Driver – TechSpot

Experience the convenience of Alexa, now on your PC. You can even edit multiple video clips and picutres into a video mail movie.


You can use the new EZCam Pro to video chat with friends and family, send video emails, play games, and create multimedia projects for home or office. Item Location see all. CNET may get a commission from these offers. Here’s the EZPro Cam’s low light by output. All of the cameras except the EZCam II USB have a by maximum resolution – though, realistically, webcams generally get used at a lower resolution, to get a reasonable frame rate.

Webcam Installation for Ezonics

Oh man, what a load of poo this cam is! You can do it easily enough, using a TWAIN driver that can be accessed by the bundled imaging software, or pretty much any other image manipulation package. It contains your basic webcam software, like In general, even major tweaking does little to make overall image quality anything above szonic.

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