Number 3 has to be the dumbest thing I ever saw? What happened to the old dialog box that would come up asking you what do you want to do with this SD card? You mean, followed my description above, AND cannot see your card in the list? All the photos taken since Windows 10 was installed are not accessible. Everything was fine before the last windows update.

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January 22, at 9: It is just that there is no prompt from Windows 10 that the card has been inserted. June 28, at 3: December 1, at 3: You choose what to do with it. I have tried all suggested fixes. I believe it started off when I tried the same card in both computers.

Nothing appears to work. If your car was a Microsoft, you would have taken it to the scrapheap years ago.

SD Card Reader not working in Windows 10

I enabled the J drive and both it and the generic usb drive promptly disappeared. I right clicked and asked windows to search for driver updates, which it did, then it called it a generic volume. Why is Picasa Users being forced by Google to move from Picasa Albums to Google Photos, we have had our photos snatched by Google and placed in Google albums without our consent, I go there and delete them, now today it appears my Picasa album is full, my car-writer is not being recognised and not allowed to import to Picasa, in effect Picasa appears to be frozen for future use, can anyone suggest another Picasa type album to use, anything but the horrid Google-We are going to beat Facebook with pictures-offering.


Win10 is the problem. Please block Google picture, boycot it, and fight back! The Reaser card is acknowledged as soon as its inserted. How do I add a drive letter?

Dynex SD Memory Card Readers and Adapters for sale | eBay

The card shows up the first time I put it into my laptop without a problem. September 15, at I inserted a blank SD card into the slot on the front of the laptop.

The readily available option before a user to fix the problem is running a Troubleshooter. August 21, at 3: Then click on the unzipped folder, find and run the setup. I updated as many drivers as I could find but nothing worked. December 23, at 2: I am also having this problem. Will update after more testing.

December 20, at 7: If updates are available, download the drivers if any are offered and install it. I did a restart and and it read the 32 GB card. You may also run the USB Troubleshooter. Now see if this has helped. Every time Microsoft does readr update… I lose it, because they turn off the recognition or something.


On boot the drive is letter F.

For this, type Troubleshooting in the search box and chose Troubleshooting under Settings. I seem to have a bit different problem, than the dyhex descriptions I have found so far.