This event is generated when the UPS is running on batteries and the battery power is exhausted. At that point, apcupsd will instruct the UPS to shut off the power. This problem should be apparent only when running a slave configuration. The most common cause of problems is either improper configuration of the cable type, or an incorrect address for the serial port. This may cause the configure to choose the wrong shutdown program. To stop or disable the service, use the service control panel.

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You must be absolutely sure you have them in the right place.

Of course, a web server is needed to use the web interface. Only one program can communicate with the UPS at a time and if apcupsd is running, apctest will fail to contact the UPS. There are four CGI programs multimon.

We recommend that you obtain a supported cable directly from APC. The rest fits this form:. Normally you will get at it a;cupsd apcaccessbut there are other ways as well. Simply double-click the installer executable and follow the instructions.

APCUPSD via USB Cable on Windows 10

When the system tray icon turns ub a question mark into a plugright click on it and a menu will appear. You get to the Services dialog by clicking on: Any client run using the Net driver will shutdown when its own timers expire or when the NIS server shuts down, whichever occurs first. The above pertains to Red Hat systems only.


This is the normal case. It is recommended for modern ex: Slackware systems are fully supported, and by following the standard installation instructions given above, you should experience aindows or no problems.

Although we do not recommend it, you may change these values by editing apcevents. This event is generated immediately when apcupsd detects that the UPS spcupsd switched to batteries. Called for an emergency system shutdown. If the user you are logged in as can compile and link a C program from a source file, then you have all the required tools available.

How to Use APC UPS with Two or More Computers – Master Slave Setup

With this code enabled, you may control who may access your apcupsd via TCP connections the Network Information Server. NIS Network Information Server mode allows for communication between instances of apcupsd running on different hosts.

Battery longevity and service life of the UPS may be conserved by reducing the sensitivity of the UPS, as long as your equipment can operate normally under the conditions detailed below. Please note that this is not the most ideal solution. If you do not observe these messages, you should correct this problem before proceeding with additional tests. The Windows version of apcupsd is distributed as a simple double-click installer.


Installation and Configuration of a APC UPS using apcupsd

Item 2 will perform a Battery Runtime Calibration. This port is complete and is being used by several users. If you want to build the net-snmp driver add:. Also, ensure that the correct drivers are loaded. You can also minimize the risk from an unexpected shutdown by using a journaling filesystem such isb Linux’s EXT3.

The exact number depends on the UPS model. If you do not observe the above messages, please correct the situation before proceeding. By default, the UPS reacts to distortions by transferring to on-battery operation dindows protect the equipment that you are plugging into the UPS.

APCUPSD User Manual

However, in two cases, it can be very useful to use syslog to write this information. MARK is a negative voltage, typically V.

If you see uhid instead, it probably means you did not properly disable the uhid driver when you compiled your kernel or perhaps you’re not running the new kernel.

See the Customizing Event Handling section for more details.