The second – the same battles almost no impact on the appearance of the box – do not get dirty and do not scratch! If you read the description of the standard, there are stated very different, much more pleasant speed. But in practice that all slightly different. As now AgeStar behaves? He would bump – would be virtually Cayman from 3Q.

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Today, I will not have anything to torment, and work done so quite decent.


Guys, a hand to decide which of these external Hardy is better suited as a universal, fast and quiet storage of information for a agesar of single user?

Only those that were there in the “personal environment”, but those that are here, the topic describes. But I see it as. What came out of it you can see the attachments.

Finally I checked out the most important point in any case – for me. Himself extremely interesting, but it would be more interesting if I had a couple of examples of the work of other boxes or rather – their chips. If the cache is cleared on the screw wait a minutethen.



What a visionary as well! Software, meaning a third party, this is not involved, then “spindown” initiates the driver on orders from the OS. Even in one and the same controller.

Of course, turning off the PC running the store, the last off. Controller Firmware is that? For this service port, output to “muzzle” the PC agesttar switching cabinet with mat. Two adjacent computer with two XP Vista sevens may behave differently from the same box.

Well, you can still stop the pre-spindle, eg via HDDScan.

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SE is lightweight and skolzsky, strives to “bryknut” torsion powerful usb-cable – cautious. Srisuyte exact designation of the controller box and try to ask a question in HDDScan program author doomer gradually add them to your prog and methodically dopilivat it.

It’s no secret, but a common mistake That is written above. And it is absolutely impermissible see a situation where I would put in place a favorite Win7 and convenient for me personally WXP only due to the fact that it is a de-there solution. And what “thinking” controllers are not really soft?

HDD Hitachi Travelstar in the box 2. I want to tinker with what is.


STORAGE ENCLOSURES. Prices, Price-Lists Internet Shops. Ukraine.

Behind this, the discussion of “behavior” of certain glands, it is relying on the current zheleznyachnye soft karaoke and reality, I think it is reasonable, practically useful exercise. There threaded everything is Sub21o, unwind with a bang. That point is that “conduct” laid algorithms can be different. Review of USB 3. Screwdriver fun – and can come in handy in case of an unknown to me extremely fragrant material and is suitable Casey hair’s breadth – it looks just fine.

It is obvious and banal.

It has had STAS. Must have, everything works. Connected to the 2. We continue to torment box SVEN SE, with the light hand of comrade – already more specifically, to answer questions.

Screw-good, probably the controller welled. Offhand observation of topics: But in practice that all slightly different.